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  • Professor Andrew Hopkins’ Safety Workshops

    These two workshops form the basis of one day interactive training programs. They aim to alert and instruct management regarding the possible inherent weaknesses in their Occupational Health & Safety systems and management practices. They also present ways to improve management of Occupational Health & Safety risk.

    The workshops feature video presentations by Professor Andrew Hopkins, considered one of the world’s foremost constructive critics on Occupational Health & Safety. His particular expertise is in analysing the causes of major industrial accidents, and developing systems of prevention. The facilitators’ guides and other comprehensive training content have been provided by two safety experts, Colin Parkin of COVAL Risk Management Solutions and Paul Pascoe of Professional Safety Solutions.

    Professor Hopkin’s presentation forms the core of the workshops and is provided in both VHS and DVD format. Also included are fully customisable comprehensive Facilitators’ Guides, Participants’ Handouts. The facilitators’ guides include a running sheet, information on how to run specific group activities, and certificates of attendance. Also included are PowerPoint presentations, reference material and links to relevant websites.

    Preventing Disaster: Learning From Longford

    Professor Andrew Hopkins’ ground breaking book Lessons from Longford: The Esso Plant Explosion forms the basis of this workshop. The book presents a detailed analysis of the Longford gas explosion that resulted in the death of two workers and crippled Melbourne’s gas supply for two weeks. The eleven key contributory elements in the safety chain are examined, and flagged in a generic way so that participants can apply the same approach to their own organisations.

    This highly interactive training program is suitable for management at all levels. It’s intended to allow participants to develop a detailed action plan of how to apply the “Lessons Learned” to their own organisation. The program is intended to alert and instruct management regarding any weaknesses in their organisation’s Occupational Health & Safety System.

    At the conclusion of the workshop attendees will be able to:

    • describe the 11 lessons from Longford
    • apply the 11 lessons to their organisation
    • identify improvement areas for their own organisation
    • develop an action plan

    Creating A Mindful Organisation

    Organisational culture is one of the key factors why companies fail to recognise the warning signs prior to workplace accidents. This workshop relates to Professor Hopkins’ new book Safety, Culture and Risk , and has been designed to help management address the shortfalls of traditional organisational mindsets.

    It proposes key necessary steps towards being “mindful” by covering the areas of: High reliability organisations, collective mindfulness, group think, reporting systems, and due diligence.

    This program is designed to give management the tools to significantly improve management of Occupational Health & Safety Risk. It is suitable for Strategic Decision Makers, Safety Managers, Management from middle to senior level, Plant Managers and Risk Managers.

    At the conclusion of this program attendees will be able to:

    • describe the elements of a mindful organisation
    • apply the processes of a mindful organisation
    • identify improvement areas for their own organisation
    • develop an action plan

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