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  • DVD-R vs. Mass Replicated DVD

    Because of the relatively small user base for training videos, many publishers are manufacturing their DVD's on what are known as DVD-R discs as opposed to the mass replicated discs you buy or rent your home entertainment on. These DVD-R discs are less robust and more inclined to disc format issues in DVD players, particularly players manufactured prior to 2004.

    When you order a DVD, regardless of disc format, we can not guarantee that it will work in your DVD player or laptop because of the technology issues involved.

    If you are going to use a DVD in multiple player locations, we would suggest you consider purchasing one of the many small portable DVD players now available to ensure that you know that your DVD's will work wherever you take them. You can plug these portable players into most TV's and can then enjoy the benefits of having your training video on DVD rather than VHS.

    NTSC vs. PAL

    The other thing to bear in mind is that most training videos on DVD will be manufactured using the American NTSC television standard and be zoned to DVD Zone 0. This makes the discs reasonably likely to work in all TV's, but there will be the occasional issue with this as well, and again, we can not guarantee the playability of every disc in every situation.

    DVD demystified- If you want to know lots more about DVD, visit http://www.dvddemystified.com for insights into this media and its advantages and drawbacks in general use.

    For further information on other technical issues, we recommend you visit http://www.conceptcorporate.com.au/faq.html