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  • FutureMedia provides a comprehensive product development service. If “off the shelf” titles do not meet your specific training needs we are able to produce corporate training videos/DVDs and multi-media, tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. These productions can be based on content already in FutureMedia’s library (based on copyright approval from the producers) or can be an entirely new production.

    The DVD format provides for modular or interactive videos and presentations that work on set top DVD players and also within a PC (with a DVD drive). They also allow for the addition of DVD-ROM content that can provide highly interactive PC based applications on the same disc. Interactive CD/DVD based applications incorporate almost any type of media (video, graphics, documents, sound/music, etc.

    Monitoring of trainee progress and learning in self-paced learning is a valued further feature.

    Our talented production teams produce high quality corporate videos at competitive rates, based on many years of successful achievement with many clients.

    For an example of a recent production, click here.

    If you are considering developing your own corporate training video, make sure you first request our free informational CD.