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    The people side of meetings.


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    Featuring John Cleese, Robert Hardy, Caroline Quentin and Danny John Jules.

    To demonstrate that chairing a meeting is not just about getting the procedures right, but also about getting people to work together.

    Training program for better meetings
    An ideal companion to 'Meetings, Bloody Meetings', this program sees a return of the guilty manager, who dreams he is back in court, this time charged with neglecting the human aspect of his meetings. His misdemeanours are replayed as evidence, from failing to prevent a squabble, to allowing the discussion to go off at a tangent and then allowing himself to be railroaded into a poor decision.

    Suitable for managers and any staff responsible for holding meetings, this engaging program humorously presents ideas that can be hard to explain, showing the necessity of involving everyone in the decision-making process and ensuring that they understand key points at all stages.

    Your training delegates will be able to...

    • Achieve harmony and unity of purpose in their meetings
    • Make meetings more productive and effective by mobilising everyone present
    • Unite the group and control aggression
    • Focus the group and keep to the point
    • Mobilise the group and get everyone involved

    Meetings Bloody Meetings





    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 28 minutes  
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