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    Workplace Excellence: Part 9 - Wellbeing & Balance

    An Eve Ash Seven Dimensions production.

    Contact us to arrange for a full length preview DVD of this series.

    Healthy people with work-life balance will be happier and more productive:

    • Feel the benefits of exercise
    • Offer health initiatives and activities
    • Encourage staff to be active
    • Be proactive about safety
    • Implement policies for work-life balance 

    Leader's guides with each DVD include:

    • Discussion questions
    • Activities
    • Handouts
    • Full scripts

    Recommended Audiences:

    • Managers
    • All staff


    Distributed in the following format(s):

    • DVD NTSC
    • DVD PAL
    • Online Stream

    Price: 10 Part Series AU$2970 or:

    1-3 DVDs AU$495 each

    3-5 DVDs AU$407 each

    6+ DVDs AU$363 each

    Created by psychologist Eve Ash

    ? Seven Dimensions




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 11 minutes  
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      Workplace Excellence: Part 9 - Wellbeing & Balance