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    Categories: Communication Skills  Performance Management  Assertiveness Skills  Problem Solving 

    We Need to Talk - Performance Management

    This program gives managers a practical, straightforward, "how to" approach to performance counselling.

    This business management resource has been designed by professionals with extensive people management experience in a variety of industries. The result is a superbly structured program for use in a self study or facilitated situation that will give managers the confidence to handle difficult or sensitive discussions with employees.

    The content details the seven steps that comprise a successful agenda for such meetings, and the key counselling techniques. These are presented through typical workplace scenarios.

    Your managers and your organisation will benefit enormously from the confidence boost that this video will provide.


    CD containing Facilitator and Self Study Guide (MS Word)

    Produced in Australia by Nicholas and Smith

    Client Feedback

    "We Need to Talk gives managers a practical, straightforward, how to approach to performance counselling. The principles would be useful in any environment."
    Training & Development, Bridgestone Australia




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 26 mins  
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