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    Spiral to Disaster: Piper Alpha Training Package

    The tragic event of Piper Alpha occurred when this massive oil platform in the North Sea succumbed to explosion and fire, resulting in the loss of 167 lives.


    Available non-English languages

    This workshop utilizes a case study of the tragic event of the explosion and fire at the Piper Alpha oil platform in the North Sea which resulted in the loss of 167 lives. A disaster which could have been, if not totally adverted, dramatically changed in course without the horrible loss of human life.

    This powerful safety DVD unravels the sequence of events that in the course of one critical hour, lead to the disaster.

    The safety video is a gripping drama/documentary that recreates the three hours of the tragedy. It provides the basis of discussion, analysis and training in a variety of OHS areas, including Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Emergency Procedures, Safety Design and more.

    Location: North Sea 

    Training Applications:

    • Oil, gas and offshore platform engineering
    • Safety design issues
    • Permit-to-work procedures
    • Emergency procedures
    • Safety and rescue systems – incl. equipment
    • Management decision making – production output versus safety considerations
    • Statutory policymaking (national and international law)
    • Contractor and subcontractor issues
    • Training and accreditation issues
    • Handling and storage of dangerous goods
    • Communication techniques
    • Allocation of responsibility issues.

    Available in the following languages:
    Portuguese subtitles
    Spanish subtitles

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    Contents of the package:

    Extensive support materials are supplied with  the DVD on CD:

    • Facilitator’s Guide, including Facilitator’s Checklist. The study guide contains a pre and post event analysis of the disaster
    • Facilitator’s Slide Guide
    • Participants’ Handouts and MS PowerPoint presentation.

    BBC Disaster Series:
    The 11-part BBC Disaster Series examines case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries, such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics and space, chemical manufacturing and hospitality.

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 30 minutes  

    Spiral to Disaster Trainer's Guide
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      Spiral to Disaster: Piper Alpha Training Package