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    Piper Alpha: The Human Price of Oil

    In July 1988 a catastrophic explosion and fire on Piper Alpha, a North Sea Oil platform claimed 167 lives.



    In July 1988 a catastrophic explosion and fire occurred on the Piper Alpha North Sea Oil platform. This program, made soon after the incident, looks at various factors that contributed to the disaster.

    229 people were on board, and 165 were killed, plus 2 rescuers, totalling 167 fatalities. The rig itself was so severely damaged, it had to be demolished, with a legacy of toxic debris left on the sea-bed (still toxic in 2010). The company (Occidental) had to leave the North Sea oil fields. 1990’s cost of the disaster is estimated at around 1.7 billion pounds Sterling (about 3.4 billion US dollars).

    Eyewitness accounts of the 35 survivors were fed to a Risk Analyst consultant to obtain likely causes. Theories included the lack of securing Risk Analysts advice in the commissioning of rigs. The differing designs of the Norwegian oil platforms show higher levels of safety.

    Training Applications:

    • Safety design issues on oil platforms
    • Permit-to-work procedures
    • Emergency procedures
    • Safety and rescue systems
    • Management decision making – production output vs. safety considerations
    • Contractor and subcontractor issues
    • Training and accreditation issues
    • Handling and storage of dangerous goods
    • Communication techniques

    BBC Disaster Series:
    The 11-part BBC Disaster Series examines case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries, such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics and space, chemical manufacturing and hospitality. Read more

    Contents of the package:
    CD with the following support material:

    • Facilitator’s Guide, including Facilitator’s Checklist
    • Facilitator’s Slide Guide
    • Participants’ Handouts
    • MS PowerPoint presentation

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 40 minutes  
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      Piper Alpha: The Human Price of Oil