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    ISO 14000 Challenge

    A practical video to explain key principles such as aspects and impacts in ISO 14000 and environmental management.

     (Risk management is covered in the DVD Risk Maker Risk Taker  that looks at ISO 31000:2009.)

    Key points in the video:

    1. The safety training video uses 3 case studies, a mine, a food factory and a local council and construction company together, to explain what an EMS (environmental management system is)
    2. An aspect is any element of an organisation’s activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.
    3. An impact is the change caused to the environment.
    4. For examples, at Bonlac Foods an analysis of activities identified waste milk discharge as an output during flushing. Milk is flushed through the separator every 15 minutes to clean it. This discharge or flushing is an aspect because the waste milk interacts with the environment. The impact occurs when milk flows out with waste water. Its high nutrient load can cause algal bloom and contribute to an offensive odour.

      NOTE: ISO released a revised ISO 14000 standard but this has not affected the content of the video at all. ISO 31000:2009, shows very little difference to ASN/ZS 4360.

    You will see first hand how the principles of ISO 14001 can be applied in real work situations as well as its challenges and rewards.

    Support Material:
    Trainer's Guide

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    Produced by Nicholas & Smith Australia




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 20 minutes  

    The ISO 14000 Challenge
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      ISO 14000 Challenge