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    Quiet Outrage: The Way of a Sociologist

    By his own admission, Professor Andrew Hopkins says this book is “idiosyncratic”.

    Meet Dr Andrew Hopkins: sociologist, storyteller, academic. His books about man-made disasters – gas plant accidents, oil well blowouts, train crashes, coal mine explosions – are best-sellers, read by audiences the world over. His books have been described by reviewers as page turners of scholarly thoroughness.

    By his own admission, this book is “idiosyncratic” - first, he explains what led him to write books about disasters in the way he did. Second, he discusses the role of academics in bringing about social change and third, he suggests that sociologists should address people outside their discipline, and that hazardous industries and their regulators should look to sociology for input.

    Read the story behind the storyteller and why Andrew Hopkins’ sense of quiet outrage about corporate negligence has contributed to making the world of work safer.

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      Quiet Outrage: The Way of a Sociologist