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    Categories: Australian Productions  Manual Handling & Ergonomics  Motivational 

    Manual Handling - Focusing on the 'Why'

    Most jobs include some sort of manual handling, so essentially all workers are at risk.


    This 2015 Australian produced manual handling training video will not only take viewers through a range of tips and preventative actions to make their workplace safe from injury, but importantly motivate them to think about "WHY?"

    Contact us for a full-length preview.


    eLearning version

    This easy to follow and engaging presentation will get viewers will learn about:

    • What is manual handling?
    • Possible injuries that can be sustained from poor manual handling practices
    • Physiology of the back
    • Assessing and managing risk
    • Lifting techniques and mechanical aids

    This safety training DVD comes complete with trainer support notes and assessment.

    Available formats:

    • DVD
    • A licence for delivery across your company intranet
    • eLearning

    Contact us to find out more about the eLearning version that makes learning available 24/7 across your learning platform with a Certificate of Completion to meet safety training compliance standards in Australia.

    What is the real cost of manual handling injuries?

    Manual Handling Training Made Easy
    Improve your workplace manual handling by offering easy access to training with this recently released video Manual Handling: Focusing on the ‘WHY’.

    The training is available in several formats:

    • On DVD to deliver in group training
    • eLearning licence to deliver from your company intranet.
    • Licenced to deliver as a video electronically from your company intranet servers.

    What will excellence in manual handling training cost?
    Compare the direct and indirect cost of manual handling injuries in your workplace with the price of delivering training with Manual Handling: Focusing on the ‘Why.

    • DVD price $295.00*
    • eLearning licence to deliver from your company intranet from$795.00*
    • Intranet video streaming licence from your company servers from$495.00*

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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 15 minutes  
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      Manual Handling - Focusing on the 'Why'