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    Outdoor Worker Safety - Part 2 -Who We Are

    30 safety training programs for outdoor workers


    Outdoor Worker Safety - Who We Are

    Designed, written and produced with the assistance and often guidance from Brian Doyle – Health and Safety Advisor at Shepparton City Council.

    This 15 minute safety training program is presented in 8 short  videos and deals with the various personal health & safety challenges that face the outdoor worker on a daily basis.

    Each module in the 4 part, 30 video, series stands alone and is a perfect length for tool box meetings and refresher training or combine the lot for a great induction package.

    Modules include:

    1. Introduction (1 min)
    2. Drugs & Alcohol (2.5 min)
    3. Personal Protective Equipment (1.5 min)
    4. Eye Safety (1.5 min)
    5. Hearing Protection (2.5 min)
    6. Manual Handling (2.5 min)
    7. Lifting and Carrying (3 min)
    8. Fatigue (3.5 min)

    Total duration: 15 mins

    Other titles in the Outdoor Worker Safety 4 part series:

    Outdoor Worker Safety - Part 1: What We Use (plant & equipment)

    Outdoor Worker Safety - Part 3: Where We Work

    Outdoor Worker Safety - Part 4: How We Do It


    Available formats:

    • DVD
    • Intranet licence
    • Corporate licence





    Price: $995 for the 4 part series  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 8 topics  
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      Outdoor Worker Safety - Part 2 -Who We Are