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    Professor Andrew Hopkins Training Videos

    “Andrew Hopkins is an internationally known expert on the breakdown of hazardous socio-technical systems…” James Reason, Author, Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents and creator of the Swiss Cheese model.

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    Professor Andrew Hopkins is an internationally-renowned presenter, author and consultant in the field of industrial safety and accident analysis.  He is featured in the videos outlined below and the topics include the BP Texas City Refinery Disaster, Mindful Leadership, Lessons from Longford (on the Esso Gas Plant Explosion) and the 2013 release that analyses the human and organisational causes of the Macondo blowout.

    He was a consultant to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) during its investigation into the 2010 BP disaster on the Deepwater Horizon and the Macondo blowout, and also for the 2005 explosion at BP’s Texas City Refinery and was an expert commentator in the CSB film about the disaster.

    Click on the links below for more information and to access a preview of these DVD workshops:

    Acting on Warning Signs
    Creating a Mindful Organisation
    Falling Domios of Macondo
    Macondo Blowout: The Human and Organisational Causes
    Mindful Leadership Communication Skills
    Mindful Leadership With References to BP Texas City
    Preventing Disaster: Learning from Longford

    Testimonials from Customers using the Hopkins Materials:
    “Shell has received important insights and benefits from interactions with Professor Hopkins on management of Process Safety risk. His clarity of thought and key learning has helped our organization understand vulnerabilities better. In 2012, we enjoyed Professor Hopkins presenting at a number of locations on Post Macondo learning (from his book “Disastrous Decisions”) with some great question and answer sessions to make the learning real for people”. Tony Paul Shell Group VP Safety

    “Andrew Hopkins provides critical insights and lessons on the cultural and organizational causes of major industrial accidents.  He conveys simple yet powerful messages that help people understand the complexities of HSE management systems. It is my hope that the petroleum industry will learn through Hopkins' message that superior safety results in safety performance is driven through mindful leadership and leadership's commitment to learn from previous incidents.”
    Dion W. Durdle, RasGas Company, Doha
    “Professor Hopkins' presentations provide substantial, qualitative  guidance on the real issues that the Husky Operational Integrity Management System team are wrestling with in order to make significant changes to the culture of an organization."
    Lois Garrett, Manager Health Safety and Environment,” Husky Energy, Calgary
    “Regarding the "Creating a Mindful Organization" DVD.  We have organized several in-house briefings with our safety team as well as some frontline supervisors of Towngas as well as our subsidiaries. It is very good for enhancing safety awareness especially for our high risk operations. We are planning to make use of the DVD as well as the training material provided for a series of safety awareness training to our new coal mine in Inner Mongolia.”  Victor Kwong – Towngas, Hong Kong
    “The Mindful Leadership featuring Andrew Hopkins is an extremely useful tool especially with the City's OSH Group members.  I have used Mindful Leadership in the development of the OSH Reps in respect to incident investigations and hazard and risk management.  It is in my opinion that learning never ends therefore, have placed Mindful Leadership on the OSH Training Program for new and current OSH Representatives. I am currently designing a Management Presentation incorporating aspects of Mindful Leadership - this is yet to be rolled out to the organisation.” Julie McMahon, Human Resources Advisor – OSH, City of Perth, Australia
    “Most importantly, our leadership understands the imperative for making progress here and I believe increasingly understands their role in this.  I thought some of the examples you used, and the tools you described, helped make this topic accessible to our group and gave them some very practical suggestions on things they can do to be more 'mindful leaders'.  These concepts are wonderfully transferable to all other business problems we face as well.”Doug Bloom - Spectra Energy Transmission West President, Canada

    “Andrew, It was a pleasure to meet you last week and have you facilitate our Process Safety Leadership Workshop in Calgary.  I have gotten virtually unanimous feedback from attendees that they enjoyed the session, that they learned something new, and that they are going to change the way they work in the future to be a better leader.  You were able to inspire our leaders to want to get better and gave them simple things that they could do to achieve that goal.  We just need to ensure we maintain the momentum now.”
    Steven Lyth - Manager Process Safety - Spectra Energy, Canada

    "Professor Hopkins is an articulate and engaging speaker, who actively held the attention of audiences at all levels within our organization.  We were delighted to secure the services of Prof. Hopkins for an on-site visit that included insightful presentations to our executive committee, senior manufacturing leadership, and two open lectures held at a major manufacturing site and our corporate headquarters facility.
    We are actively using Prof. Hopkins’ materials, including ‘Lessons from Longford’ and ‘Failure to Learn’, as part of our organizational journey towards becoming a Highly Reliable Organization.  We have found these materials to be exceptionally relevant and meaningful as a foundational part of our ongoing process safety educational efforts."
    Dr Peter Cartwright,
    Vice President and Executive Director; Environmental, Health, and Safety, Dow Corning Corporation, USA
    "Good relevant discussion about why warning signs are ignored.Great link between the safety relationship and mindfulness of the individual/ business. Good discussion/ questioning of culture - (i.e. culture denial) and the importance investigating the signs of an incident, prelude to an incident and what we can learn as a result of incident Generally, very good, interesting points discussed.
    Would recommend this to others."
    Tanya Owens, Safety Systems Auditor, QR National - Network Services, Australia

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