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    An Interview with Kerry Wonka



    Kerry Wonka talks about FutureMedia's Process Safety focus in the interview available to view online when you click on the link above.

    FutureMedia was founded by managing director Kerry Wonka in 1976.

    Prior to establishing FutureMedia, Kerry Wonka, worked in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a Training Officer. He subsequently managed the University of Sydney Television Service where he produced several hundred television lectures for students. He also produced several Adult Education television series for Channel 7 as well as a number of training videos for Government Departments.

    Immediately prior to the foundation of the company, he lectured in communications for several years at the University of Technology, Sydney. FutureMedia was a co-founding member of the AudioVisual Distributors’ Association of Australia, and Kerry was the president for several years. He holds a BA Hons, M.A. and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Communications.





    Price: NA  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 3 minutes  
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