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    Confined Space: If in Doubt, Stay Out

    This is a re-enactment of 1998 Darwin Disaster where 2 were killed in a Confined Space Accident.

    Narrated by Alan Dale this training video has news film footage of a double fatality in a confined space with procedures for safe entry to confined spaces.

    This video features a re-enactment of a coroner's report set down in April 1994 regarding a multiple fatality that was avoidable had correct procedures been in place.

    This confined space safety training DVD features:

    • What is a confined space?
    • Evaluating the dangers within a confined space & risk assessment.
    • Taking the correct safety precautions.
    • The proper procedures for confined space entry.

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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 29 minutes  
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      Confined Space: If in Doubt, Stay Out