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    Food Safety Series - Lesson 1: The Law and You

    This 19 module Food Safety Training Program provides a comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to the food laws and safe food handling practices.

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    Food poisoning is an illness that can affect anyone, and has the potential to cause serious harm.

    It is also extremely common, with over 7 million cases reported in Australia alone last year.

    Legislation now requires that all businesses and volunteer organisations that handle food, consistently provide safe food.

    This program discusses:

    1. What is the Food Act.
    2. The legislative requirements of food handlers
    3. The responsibilities and required attributes of a food safety supervisor
    4. The consequences of breaching the Food Act.

    Food Safety Series




    Price: Series price - $1595.00  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 6 minutes  
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      Food Safety Series - Lesson 1: The Law and You