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    Falling Dominos of Macondo Licencing

    Online Preview - Falling Dominos of Macondo Licencing

    Options to deliver this training via your company intranet.

    This allows access to the training via your company intranet on any connected computer (In the same way your shared work files are accessed).  What’s more, it has your own company logo embedded giving you ownership.  The intranet licence opens up a myriad of possibilities and facilitates self-paced training.  The video files run directly from your company servers and are accessible by trainees 24/7.

    A Corporate Licence will provide you with unlimited access to the training programmes for all your employees: 24/7, via DVD, intranet and/or internet. The content becomes yours (naturally the copyright remains with the producers) to use -in perpetuity- and available for your corporate branding for all employees to benefit.

    You receive:

    • Electronic video files customised with your corporate logo/safety message/branding.
    • PowerPoint of the slide show.
    • Copyright permission to replicate all the training material (video, PPT, assessment,  etc.) on CD or host on your intranet for the all employees within your company. This also includes permission to produce additional language versions of the film and support material through reputable production facilities and with the proviso that a master tape for each language or support material is sent to us for final approval.
    • Lifetime licensing- no annual renewals.
    • With a corporate licence, you have complete permanent access to using the training programmes within your organisation at a set price that you can share across the various parts of the organisation.

    Features and Benefits of eLearning:

    • Learning is self-paced and gives participants a chance to work at their own pace
    • Learning is self-directed, allowing participants to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels
    • Accommodates multiple learning styles using a variety of delivery methods designed around the learner
    • Geographical barriers are eliminated, opening up broader education options
    • 24/7 accessibility makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of people to attend classes
    • On-demand access means learning can take place as required
    • Overall training costs are frequently lower than other traditional methods
    • Enhances computer and Internet skills
    • The elearning environment draws upon many years of established teacing principles.

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    Falling Dominos of Macondo
    A Failure of Defence in Depth

    Professor Andrew Hopkins analyses the failure of the barriers that should have prevented the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico and considers how independent the barriers were.

    Key learning outcomes:

    • At the end of the workshop, participants will:
    • Be aware that defence in depth can only work if the barriers operate independently of each other
    • Understand what one must consider when developing response plans in the event of a blowout
    • Be aware that the organisational structure is what formed a basis for the choices made leading up to the Macondo Blowout
    • Be mindful of how a focus on commercial risk may contribute to failure of barriers.

    Package contents:

    • 26 minute DVD featuring Professor Hopkins
    • CD with supporting material.


    Macondo Blowout: The Human and Organisational Causes







    Price: Contact us to arrange a quotation.  
    Country of production: Australia  
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