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    Induction Series - WHS - Skin Cancer

    A 5 minute toolbox talk for induction or refresher safety training.

    Jason's story will give you good reason to protect your skin.

    Skin cancers account for over two thirds of all cancers diagnosed in Australia.

     Meet Jason Blackwood

    Jason is a pink shirted agronomist, a husband and a father of three, and a melanoma survivor.
    (Published on Sep 14, 2016)

    More melanoma stories.

    Workers who are outside between the hours of 11am and 4pm (when ultra violet radiation is most intense) have an increased risk of skin cancer.

    This skin cancer safety training DVD features:

    • How to recognise the early signs of skin cancer
    • Types of cancers
    • Ways to reduce risk of skin cancer
    • How to be 'sunsmart'.


    • Choose any 7 titles for AU$75.00 each (+ GST for Australian Customers)
    • Full Series AU$2,795.00 (+ GST for Australian Customers)

    36 Induction video topics to choose from for your WHS training.
    These toolbox talks are available on DVD, as elearning modules or for licencing to deliver across your company intranet.




    Price: Series Price: $2,795.00  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 5 minutes  
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      Induction Series - WHS - Skin Cancer