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    Falling Dominos of Macondo:A Failure of Defence in Depth

    Professor Andrew Hopkins analyses the failure of the barriers that should have prevented the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in this safety training video.


    See The Falling Dominoes of Macondo: A Failure of Defence in Depth on our new Process Safety website.

    In examining why they failed, Hopkins looks at how independent the barriers were, or rather, how interdependent they actually are. The barriers behaved like falling dominos. Once one fell, the others followed. Understanding the nature of these barriers allows for a critical analysis of the system of defence in depth. In this safety training video, not only does Hopkins analyse why these failures contributed to multiple fatalities and a devastating environmental disaster, he deconstructs the plans put in place in response to the blowout.

    The program is relevant to process safety management.

    Available formats:

    • DVD
    • Elearning deliverable across your company intranet
    • Intranet licence
    • Corporate licence

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    Key learning outcomes:
    At the end of the workshop,participants will:

    • Be aware that defence in depth can only work if the barriers operate independently of each other
    • Understand what one must consider when developing response plans in the event of a blowout
    • Be aware that the organisational structure is what formed a basis for the choices made leading up to the Macondo Blowout
    • Be mindful of how a focus on commercial risk may contribute to failure of barriers.

    Package contents:

    • 26 minute safety training DVD featuring Professor Hopkins
    • CD with supporting material that includes PowerPoint presentations.

    Industries utilising Professor Andrew Hopkins’ training materials include: energy, mining, oil & gas, chemical companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, aviation, defence forces, councils, engineering, railways.

    Macondo Blowout: The Human and Organisatinal Causes

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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 26 minutes  
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      Falling Dominos of Macondo:A Failure of Defence in Depth