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    Induction Series - WHS - Harassment and Bullying

    Online Preview - Induction Series - WHS - Harassment and Bullying

    A 4 minute toolbox talk for induction or refresher safety training.

    Click on the link above to preview online.

    Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence!

    The incidence of workplace bullying and harassment is a significant problem in today's workforce and can impact greatly on both an organisation and individuals.


    This bullying and harassment training DVD features:

    • What is and what isn't bullying
    • How bullying impacts on victims and witnesses
    • Employee responsibilities
    • Manager and supervisor responsibilities
    • Steps that should be taken if you are the victim of bullying



    • Choose any 7 titles for AU$75.00 each (+ GST for Australian Customers)
    • Full Series AU$2,795.00 + GST for Australian Customers

    36 Induction video topics to choose from for your WHS training.
    These toolbox talks are available on DVD, as elearning modules or for licencing to deliver across your company intranet.





    Price: Series Price $2,795  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 4 minutes  
  • Online Preview
      Induction Series - WHS - Harassment and Bullying