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    Induction Series - WHS - Forklift Safety

    Online Preview - Induction Series - WHS - Forklift Safety

    A 4 minute toolbox talk for induction or refresher safety training.

    Click on the link above to preview online.

    Because of their wide range of uses, forklifts are one of the most versatile and widely used pieces of machinery in our workplaces.

    However they also have the potential to be one of the most dangerous.

    Each year forklifts are involved in hundreds of workplace accidents that result in fatalities, serious injuries and property damage.

    This forklift safety training DVD features:

    • The various safety checks that licenced operators should perform
    • The various hazards that should be identified in a new workplace
    • Precautions for when forklifts and pedestrians are in the same areas.



    • Choose any 7 titles for AU$75.00 each (+ GST for Australian Customers)
    • Full Series AU$2,795.00 + GST for Australian Customers

    36 Induction video topics to choose from for your WHS training.
    These toolbox talks are available on DVD, as elearning modules or for licencing to deliver across your company intranet.





    Price: Series Price $2,795  
    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 4 minutes  
  • Online Preview
      Induction Series - WHS - Forklift Safety