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    Workplace Bullying for Officers eLearning

    This updated bullying safety training DVD for Officers aligns with the new laws introduced in 2014 in Australia and is available as a self-paced, interactive eLearning program.

    Workplace Bullying for Workers eLearning is also available.

    Managers are able to access the eLearning via any computer on your organisation’s network, at a time convenient to trainees and trainers.


    The video content from the Workplace Bullying for Officers safety training DVD has been sectioned in the eLearning program into short clips that are each followed by a quiz relevant to that section. This enhances and optimises the learning experience of the participants as well as engaging them in a more interactive way than the DVD alone can offer. 

    The Workplace Bullying for Officers video content can be evaluated below.


    Co-written by one of the leading Australian workplace psychologists it will dramatically explain to your officers:

    • What is and what isn't bullying
    • Organisational responsibilities
    • Factors that may encourage bullying and how to stop them
    • Warning signs
    • Steps to take in the resolution process

    Other eLearning programs

    Programs can be supplied for a range of online environments including single computer use, intranet or web-based servers, or Learning Management Systems (programs are all SCORM compliant - version 1.2 or 2004).

    Interactive questionnaires are set up at the end of each related section and are required to be completed before permitting the trainee to progress to the next section. After answering a question on the questionnaire the program returns either a dialog box confirming the answer as correct or one that indicates the answer is incorrect and the correct answer then highlighted. This reinforces the learning and the data is collated for reporting.

    When staff have completed the eLearning, results are saved and made accessible by storing them on a database and/or an email is received by any relevant members of staff, confirming that the eLearning has been done.

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    t: +61 2 9279 4499




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    Country of production: Australia  
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      Workplace Bullying for Officers eLearning