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    Occupational Health and Safety Session Starters

    Online Preview - Occupational Health and Safety Session Starters

    Safety Session Starters Eight DVD Training Video Set

    This safety training DVD set has a selection of scenario's depicting workplace accidents and how they can affect different individuals. Ideal for use as a session starter and discussion prompter.

    The Electrician
    "Falling from a ladder" - an accident occurs after a subcontractor fails to follow OHS procedures.

    Spraying For Flies
    A council worker collapses after misusing a hazardous substance.

    Jade and Maddi
    A young girl and her little sister are the innocent victims of a workplace accident.

    Confined Space Safety
    Re-enacts a coroner's report of a double fatality confined space accident in the Northern Territory.

    The Engraver
    A cyanide poisoning victim tells how a failure to read the warning signs can be near fatal.

    The Warehouse
    Various warehouse workers perform manual handling tasks whilst our ?candid camera? rolls on.

    The Forklift Driver
    A forklift driver and office worker both breaking the rules, meet suddenly and unexpectedly.

    The Inspections
    An office worker and a factory worker inspect each other's workplaces and encounter very different procedures for checking hazards.

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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 8 x DVD set  
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      Occupational Health and Safety Session Starters