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    Delivering Patient Safety

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    With the increase in patient incidents in Australia the Delivering Patient Safety training package is timely in its ability to effect and implement change, improve quality control measures and mitigate risk.

    DELIVERING PATIENT SAFETY is a world first DVD and CD package bringing together international leaders and day-to-day practitioners of patient safety in a self-drive package for hospitals, medical schools and medical institutions that have the responsibility of removing the cause of error before there is harm to the patient.

    DELIVERING PATIENT SAFETY addresses questions of change in practice, culture, management and systems that are fundamental to this concern.  
    Delivered by Professor James Reason, an internationally recognised expert in human error management, and other leading worldwide experts with frontline responsibilities, the program was developed for healthcare professionals with the responsibility of identifying and resolving the causes of error, preventing harm to the patient. It is designed for system wide use and can be used by the non-specialist.

    Key Understandings and Actions

    • The scale and urgency of the problem – very many institutions, and the people in them, are much more at risk than they need be.
    • Error can be managed – just like any other critically important activity.
    • Why things go wrong – the best people sometimes make the worst mistakes
    • Error traps – the necessity of locating and removing the causes of error before they can harm the patients
    • Culture – the need for a cultural health check.  Initiatives will stall if culture remains unchanged.
    • Feedback – to keep the system in touch with reality.
    • A systematic approach – building Patient Safety initiatives at every level:  the individual, the team, and the institution.


    Contents of the Training Package

    The series is configured to facilitate a five-stage approach to

    Delivering Patient Safety and includes:

    • 5 x DVD Programs
      Stage 1 - Facing the Facts.....................  19.57mins
      Stage 2 - Changing the Culture..............  20.19mins
      Stage 3 - Why Things Go Wrong........... 22.03mins
      Stage 4 - Building Resistance to Error...  20.16mins
      Stage 5 - A Safer System....................... 20.28mins
    • 1 x CD including PowerPoint presentations and resource materials created by Professor James Reason

    Globally Recognised

    Delivering Patient Safety is currently being used in Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, and the USA.  In Canada it is used by over 1,000 participant groups as a learning tool to meet national accreditation standards and in the UK it is used in over 600 NHS hospitals.


    “The Delivering Patient Safety resource has complemented the learning outcomes for the subject NMIH308 Transition to Professional Practice where it has been extensively factored into the planning and delivery of this subject’s teaching sessions. This resource has provided invaluable learning opportunities for nursing students and staff alike as patient safety is a crucial and key element that features strongly in the Bachelor of Nursing program.”
    Associate Professor Angela Brown (Head- School of Nursing Midwifery and Indigenous Health, University of Wollongong)
    Renee Brighton (NMIH308 Subject Coordinator, School of Nursing Midwifery and Indigenous Health, University of Wollongong).


    Quotes from Presenters

    “How can we begin to tackle medical error?  What is it that doctors and nurses and clinical teams can start doing tomorrow to improve the situation?” Professor James Reason

    “The objective is not to make perfect people, but to stop mistakes from hurting people.”  Lucian Leape, MD, Harvard School of Public Health

    “It’s a devastating and harrowing experience for a clinical team to lose a patient through an error which is potentially avoidable”, Professor Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, UK

    Newspaper Reports on Patient Safety
    Routine operation ends with death of a mother of four 


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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: Multi DVD set  
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      Delivering Patient Safety