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    Mindful Leadership - Two DVD Training Workshop by Professor Andrew Hopkins

    Online Preview - Mindful Leadership - Two DVD Training Workshop by Professor Andrew Hopkins

    Featuring Professor Andrew Hopkins, this DVD series considers “Mindful Leadership” suitable for management training at all levels.

    Click on the links following synopses to access online previews of each of the safety training DVD titles.

    Mindful Leadership With References to BP Texas City

    Leadership is important because it is the leaders of an organisation who determine its culture. This safety training DVD workshop is suitable for management at all levels – senior executives, middle-ranking managers and front-line managers that take responsibility for the culture of an organisation. It also illustrates how the participation, competency, training, behaviour and attitudes of individual workers contribute to developing the safety culture of an organisation.

    Price: AUD995.00
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    "Professor Hopkins is an articulate and engaging speaker, who actively held the attention of audiences at all levels within our organization.  We were delighted to secure the services of Prof. Hopkins for an on-site visit that included insightful presentations to our executive committee, senior manufacturing leadership, and two open lectures held at a major manufacturing site and our corporate headquarters facility. 
    We are actively using Prof. Hopkins’ materials, including ‘Lessons from Longford’ and ‘Failure to Learn’, as part of our organizational journey towards becoming a Highly Reliable Organization.  We have found these materials to be exceptionally relevant and meaningful as a foundational part of our ongoing process safety educational efforts."

    Dr. Peter Cartwright
    Vice President and Executive Director;  Environmental, Health, and Safety
    Dow Corning Corporation

    Mindful Leadership Communication Skills

    Mindful Leaders are acutely aware that the best of systems can fail, even though auditors might be assuring them that all is well.  They know that if they want to be sure their systems are working as intended, they need to go and find out for themselves and undertake non-systematic auditing of their own.  In order to do so, Mindful Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with workers.

    This program provides guidelines on face-to-face communication with workers on site, not an idea which appeals to many senior managers. 

    Price: AUD695.00
    For more information and an online preview click here.

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    List Price: AUD1,690.00
    Discount Price: AUD1,521.00

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    Industries utilising Professor Andrew Hopkins’ training materials include: energy, mining, oil & gas, chemical companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, aviation, defence forces, councils, engineering, railways.




    Country of production: Australia  
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      Mindful Leadership - Two DVD Training Workshop by Professor Andrew Hopkins