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    Mindful Leadership Communication Skills

    This DVD program features Professor Andrew Hopkins and focuses specifically on the communication skills of safety leaders.


    The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) uses this program for their Fundamentals of Process Safety five-day course and our Process Safety for the Board one-day course.


    Mindful Leaders are acutely aware that the best of systems can fail, even though auditors might be assuring them that all is well.  They know that if they want to be sure their systems are working as intended, they need to go and find out for themselves and undertake non-systematic auditing of their own.  In order to do so, Mindful Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with workers.


    This program provides guidelines on face-to-face communication with workers on site, not an idea which appeals to many senior managers.


    This program illustrates in detail, how management at all levels – Senior Executives, Middle-ranking Managers and Front-line Managers need to communicate with their workers. Specifically, it delves into the 5Ws (‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ & ‘Why’) and 1H (‘How’) of effective communication.


    As a Safety Culture Consultant, Professor Andrew Hopkins brings a wealth of communication experience to this program - experience built on speaking to people at all levels in companies- from operators all the way to senior management. And in different industries and in different countries around the world.


    Professor Hopkins’ techniques in undertaking Safety Culture audits results in more detailed information for management than typically made available.


    This program is a must for all Supervisors, Managers at all levels and Chief Executives.


    Package contents:

    • The package includes a 16-minute DVD featuring Professor Hopkins
    • CD with supporting material that includes Power Point Presentations and Prof. Hopkins' working papers.  If you would like to evaluate samples of these please contact us:
      info@futuremedia.com.au  | t: +61 29279 4499 | fax: 61+2 9279 4488


    Key learning outcomes:


    At the end of this workshop, safety leaders will learn communication skills, including:


    ·   Where, Why and When to talk to workers,

    ·   Who they should talk to,

    ·   What to talk about and

    ·   How to talk


    Recommended prior viewing:

    Mindful Leadership With References to BP Texas City – a DVD that identifies the key aspects of “Mindful Leadership” and illustrates how lapses in leadership contributed to the BP Texas City disaster.


    About Professor Andrew Hopkins:


    Professor Andrew Hopkins of the Australian National University is an internationally-renowned presenter, author and consultant in the field of process safety and accident analysis. Professor Hopkins was an expert witness at the Royal Commission into the Longford Gas Plant fire in 1998. He was also consultant to the US Chemical Safety Board Investigation of the BP Texas City accident. Andrew is recipient of the 2008 EPSC Process Safety Award, and was Consultant to the Australian Defence Forces on organisational culture. He was also engaged by the U.S. Chemical Board to assist in the investigation of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


    Professor Andrew Hopkins


    Professor Hopkins' Book Order Form


    Licence Terms:

    A. Corporate licence
    Purchase of a Corporate Licence permits an organisation to use this DVD package for in-house training of its employees only. The package may not be rented, loaned, sold or used in any circumstance where fees are charged.  

    B. Training provider licence
    Purchase of a Training Provider Licence permits use of the DVD package for training of persons where fees are charged. The licence term is on an annual basis.

    C. Education licence
    Purchase of the Education Licence permits Universities and Colleges of Education to use this DVD package for staff and students within its campus.


    Industries utilising Professor Andrew Hopkins’ training materials include: energy, mining, oil & gas, chemical companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, aviation, defence forces, councils, engineering, railways.

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    See Mindful Leadership Communication Skills on our new Process Safety website.




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 16 mins.  
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      Mindful Leadership Communication Skills