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    Wrong Stuff

    This BBC Disaster Series safety video chooses a number of airline mishaps to underscore issues associates with so-called ‘pilot error’.


    ‘The Wrong Stuff’ is a composite video capturing issues associated with psychological profiles of pilots and highlights several basic differences between military fighter pilots and commercial pilots.

    Unlike other DVDs in this ‘BBC Disaster’ series, which focus on one particular disaster, this DVD chooses a number of airline mishaps to underscore issues associates with so-called ‘pilot error’, and the possibilities of engineering such error out of the system.

    Drawing on a number of actual and potentially damaging occurrences involving airlines, industry investigators looked at the four-out-of-five outcomes that indicated ‘pilot error’ and realized the situation needed a closer look.

    The title of the video ‘The Wrong Stuff’ is used as a counterfoil to the fighter pilot concept of the ‘The RIGHT stuff’… which depicts a rugged, competitive individual who, through sheer determination and will, pushes through seemingly impregnable barriers to achieve desired outcomes.

    Training Applications:

    • Safety design issues
    • Emergency procedures
    • Safety and rescue systems
    • Management decision making – operational profits versus safetyconsiderations
    • Studies in the psychology of individual leadership vs teamwork
    • Crew resourcing
    • Training issues
    • Communication techniques.
    • Allocation of responsibility issues
    • Engineering-based safety vs people-based safety

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 51 minutes  
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      Wrong Stuff