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    Categories: Disaster  Emergency  BBC Disaster Series 

    Kansas City: Death by Design

    This title is part of the BBC Disaster Series.



    The worst accidental structural disaster in the United States occurred in a Kansas City hotel in 1981, when a set of suspended walkways collapsed. This workshop details the causal events - from the design flaws to the problems experienced by the emergency services, all adding up to 200 injuries and 114 deaths.


    Duration: 30 mins Location: U.S.A. 


    Training Applications:


    • Structural engineering
    • Safety design issues
    • Permit to work procedures
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Safety and rescue systems
    • Management decision making – fast-tracking versus safety considerations
    • Statutory policymaking
    • Contractor and subcontractor issues
    • Training and accreditation issues
    • Town planning
    • Allocation of responsibility issues
    • TRIAGE planning

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 30 minutes  
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      Kansas City: Death by Design