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    Complete Auditor, The

    This DVD training package helps improve auditors' skills and the effectiveness of auditing systems in safety, health, environment, quality and risk.



    Chaptered into three modules, following each, auditors will be able to:

    • Gain an insight into their personal attributes and audit behaviours.
    • Identify specific desirable behaviours and dark-side traits that lead to success or failure.
    • Use essential non-technical skills including body language, questioning, listening and presenting.
    • Incorporate the five key audit know-how components to achieve desired results.
    1. Module 1 - Traits - desirable and undesirable
    2. Module 2 - Skills - body language, questioning, listening, presenting
    3. Module 3 - Audit know-how -  5 key audit components to acheive a successful audit outcome


    • DVD - 3 modules - Traits (11 mins) Skills (9 mins) Audit know-how (12 mins)

          CD contents:

    • Trainer’s and Self Study Guide
    • Workbook
    • PowerPoint presentation of each module with embedded video clips.

    License for use:

    The price shown for this DVD is for a 'corporate' license. This entitles the organisation to use the DVD for internal training of its employees and contractors. Training providers and educational institutions need a specific license.

    The SHEQ Library

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    Produced by Nicholas and Smith




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 3 modules 11/9/12 minutes each  

    Complete Auditor Sample Guide
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      Complete Auditor, The