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    Acting on Warning Signs

    "There will always be warning signs that surface before things go wrong. If you have a system which is going to pick up those warning signs then you will be averting disaster." - Professor Andrew Hopkins


    "Prior to any major accident there are always warning signs which had they been responded to would have averted the accident, but they weren't. They were ignored. Very often there is a whole culture of denial operating to suppress these warning signs." - Professor Andrew Hopkins

    Organisational culture is one of the key factors why companies fail to recognise the warning signs prior to workplace accidents. This workshop, which relates to Professor Hopkins' book "Safety, Culture and Risk" has been designed to assist the team address key factors of collective mindfulness, group think and reporting systems, as part of a program to manage warning signs in the workplace.

    Content and format:
    This workshop provides for two training options:

    1. Interactive version: This includes a video on DVD with pauses for workshop activities. It also includes on CD a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video clips of the program to facilitate interactivity and audience participation at relevant points of the program. This enables the Facilitator to run a complete session.
    2. Linear version: This includes a video on DVD with no pauses. It also includes on CD a PowerPoint presentation with the embedded linear program to facilitate a shorter session and the option to conduct activities after the program. This enables the Facilitator to run mini sessions.

    Each includes on CD a version-specific comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Handouts, Reference Material, and links to relevant websites.

    Intended audience:
    Along with front-line management, this program is also suitable for middle to senior management level together with safety, plant and risk managers as an additional process to consider for risk minimisation.

    Learning outcomes:
    At the conclusion of this program attendees will be able to:

    • Identify potential ‘Warning Signs’ and pick them up intuitively.
    • Understand the problem of ‘Culture of Denial’ impacting their workplaces.
    • Respond to the concept of ‘Group Think’ and its affect on safety.
    • Critique their ‘Reporting system’ and recognize the need to pick up and respond to warning signs.

    Note: This is a revised and shortened version of the full-day workshop 'Creating a Mindful Organisation'. The extensive Gretley Mine case study is not included.

    Available in the following languages:
    Spanish and Portuguese

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    "Andrew Hopkins provides critical insights and lessons on the cultural and organizational causes of major industrial accidents.

    Hopkins conveys simple yet powerful messages that help people understand the complexities and interconnecting components of HSE management systems. His work and research revolving major industrial accidents is timely, significant, and practically relevant to the petroleum industry today and he has made great contributions to the Occupational Health and Safety field in general.

    It is my hope that the petroleum industry will learn through Hopkins' underlying message that superior safety results in safety performance is driven through mindful leadership and leadership's commitment to learn from previous incidents."

    Dion W. Durdle
    RasGas Company


    "Good relevant discussion about why warning signs are ignored.

    Great link between the safety relationship and mindfulness of the individual/ business.

    Good discussion/ questioning of culture - (i.e. culture denial) and the importance investigating the signs of an incident, prelude to an incident and what we can learn as a result of incident


    Generally, very good, interesting points discussed.


    Would recommend this to others."


    Tanya Owens

    Safety Systems Auditor

    QR National - Network Services


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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 20 Minutes  

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