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    Preventing Disaster: Learning from Longford (Professor Andrew Hopkins)

    This DVD workshop is based on a detailed analysis of the Longford gas explosion that resulted in the death of two workers and crippled Melbourne's gas supply for two weeks, as outlined in Professor Hopkins' ground-breaking book "Lessons from Longford: the Esso Plant Explosion".




    In this program, the eleven key contributory elements in the safety chain are examined, and flagged in a generic way so that participants can apply the same approach to their own organisations.

    The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) uses this program for their Fundamentals of Process Safety five-day course and our Process Safety for the Board one-day course.

    FutureMedia Training and Consulting Division offers the training course based on the Preventing Disaster Learning from Longford DVD Managing Human and Organisational Factors in Safety.

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    Course Facilitators
    All course facilitators are highly experienced HSE professionals whilst also being accredited workplace trainers and have been independently accredited by FutureMedia.
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    The Eleven Lessons:

    1. The Hazard Identification Factor (Systematic hazard identification is vital for accident prevention).
    2. The Corporate Safety Department Factor
    3. The Government Legislation Factor
    4. The Auditing Factor
    5. The Reporting Systems Factor
    6. The Lost Time Injury Frequency Factor
    7. The Technical Support Factor
    8. The Alarm System Factor
    9. The Management of Change Factor
    10. The Communication Between Shifts Factor
    11. The Maintenance Cost Cuts Factor

    This new, updated version of the "Preventing Disaster: Learning from Longford" program forms the basis of an interactive training workshop that can be licenced for your training in-house or can be conducted by approved facilitators.

    Read an the article by Professor Hopkins: "Lessons from Esso's Gas Plant Explosion at Longford".

    Content and format:

    The program is available in two versions:

    1. Interactive version: This includes a video on DVD with pauses for workshop activities. It also includes on CD a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video clips of the program to facilitate interactivity and audience participation at relevant points of the program.
    2. Linear version: This includes a video on DVD with no pauses. With this version, the facilitator can conduct a shorter session with the option to conduct activities after viewing the DVD.

    Also included on the CD is the following associated support material:

  • PowerPoint presentation with embedded video clips of the program to facilitate conducting interactive workshop activities at regular intervals.
  • Facilitator's Guide, Participant's Handouts, Reference Material and links to relevant websites.

    Learning outcomes:

    At the conclusion of the workshop attendees will:

    • Understand and be able to apply the 11 lessons to their own organisation. 
    • Identify  areas in need of improvement.
    • Develop an action plan.

    Intended audience:

    This highly interactive training program is suitable for strategic decision makers, including Safety Managers, management from middle to senior level, Plant Managers and Risk Managers, and will allow participants to develop a detailed action plan of how to apply the "Lessons Learned" to their own organisation. The program is intended to alert and instruct management regarding any weakness in an OH&S System.

    Available in the following languages:
    Spanish and Portuguese

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    "Andrew Hopkins provides critical insights and lessons on the cultural and organizational causes of major industrial accidents. Hopkins conveys simple yet powerful messages that help people understand the complexities and interconnecting components of HSE management systems. His work and research revolving major industrial accidents is timely, significant, and practically relevant to the petroleum industry today and he has made great contributions to the Occupational Health and Safety field in general. It is my hope that the petroleum industry will learn through Hopkins' underlying message that superior safety results in safety performance is driven through mindful leadership and leadership's commitment to learn from previous incidents."
    Dion W. Durdle
    RasGas Company

    Find out more about the Consultants and Trainers that are available to conduct a Hopkins Workshop at your site.

    Purchase this program with Creating a Mindful Organisation Package and save $200.00

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    Process Safety & Risk Management brochure


    See Preventing Disaster: Learning from Longford on our new Process Safety website.




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 39 minutes  

    Preventing DIsaster v2 SAMPLE Support Material
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      Preventing Disaster: Learning from Longford (Professor Andrew Hopkins)