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    Categories: Australian Productions  Induction  Manual Handling & Ergonomics 

    Manual Handling: Four Basic Steps

    This DVD combined with the comprehensive training plan included is not just about how to lift boxes.


    This concise but thorough DVD reminds your employees that manual handling training is all about them returning home safely everyday. It follows the four basic steps:

    1. Consult.  
    2. Find.
    3. Fix.
    4. Review


    The comprehensive package provides all the tools to:

    • Conduct manual handling training as part of a safety induction.
    • Provide a fresh approach to ongoing manual handling training
    • Show workers correct step-by-step lifting and carrying techniques.
    • Introduce a Hazardous Manual Handling prevention system.


    Topics covered include:

    • What are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS)?
    • Two safety managers share their thought provoking personal stories.
    • A detailed analysis of the four steps to prevention of hazardous manual handling:
    • The importance of conducting JSAs / SWMS.
    • A separate DVD section which gives a step-by-step instruction of good lifting techniques.




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 8 minutes  
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      Manual Handling: Four Basic Steps