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    Why Me?... Why Not Me!

    The Kahi Puru Story.

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    When Kahi Puru was crushed in a forklift accident, doctors were not worried about saving his leg. They were worried about saving his life. Kahi was 29 years old when his left leg was amputated at the hip following the accident.

    The accident that left Kahi crushed under a forklift was unexpected- they always are. What followed over the next three months is the Kahi Puru Story.


    Erik Gunzel is both a Safety Professional and a Video Producer. WHY ME?... WHY NOT ME! Is the result of combining both these talents. At one level it looks at the mechanics of this accident- and questions how likely it might occur in the workplace of those being trained. At another level, it considers the impact of the accident not only on Kahi and his wife Hilda, but also on the workmate and the driver of the forklift. The screening of this video will have high impact on all viewers.

    The learning package includes:

    • DVD video- Chaptered
    • CD containing a PowerPoint for easy facilitation

     Produced by Coastal Video Art and FutureMedia.


    “I have met Kahi and his story is very moving. I would highly recommend him as an inspirational speaker on what he has done to overcome his injuries and psychological battles.  He is an inspiration.”

    Judi Rea - Energizer NSW

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    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 18 minutes  
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      Why Me?... Why Not Me!