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    Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

    Online Preview - Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

    Encountering aggressive behaviour in the workplace results in increased stress levels, higher incidences of absenteeism, lowered productivity, damaged morale and a poor company image.

    In this safety video a presenter takes you through 3 different dramatised scenarios featuring aggressive behaviour.

    The first 2 scenarios feature aggressive behaviour from the public - a customer and a patient. The final scenario shows aggressive behaviour between co-workers. Each scenario initially shows the harassed worker reacting badly to the situation, not staying calm and in control.

    Interactive pause breaks encourage group discussions about the ways viewers could handle the situation in a more effective and competent manner. The safety training DVD discusses "rules" and strategies, such as the "LASSIE" system for dealing with aggressive behaviour.

    Both scenarios are then resolved with the harassed workers effectively employing the new strategies that have been discussed.

    Workplace Bullying for Officers

    Workplace Bullying for Workers




    Country of production: Australia  
    Duration: 15 minutes  
  • Online Preview
      Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour