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    Unclear and Present Danger: Situation Awareness at Every Level

    85% of Human Error accidents may be attributed to the lack of Situation Awareness.

    Situation Awareness is often referred to as "knowing what is going on around you". Professor Rhona Flin identifies the stages of situation awareness. An analysis of 8 case studies shows how a lack of situation awareness led to loss, injury and death.

    And a large proportion of errors attributed to workers actually stem from errors in their situation awareness.

    For workers and managers engaged in safety and quality critical tasks, developing a high level of situation awareness is a necessity.

    Situation Awareness training is increasingly being used to improve practices in safety, risk management, quality and environment.

    The program features world recognised expert on Situation Awareness, Professor Rhona Flin of the University of Aberdeen (co-author of Safety at the Sharp End). The case studies illustrating lack of Situation Awareness include real examples from a range of industries including defence, healthcare, police, rail transport, manufacturing and chemicals and explosives.


    Following the training session, participants will be able to:

    • Apply situation awareness to their workplace to reduce human error in safety and quality critical tasks.

    Learning Content includes:

    • Identification of the stages of situation awareness
    • Why managers, supervisors and workers need to develop high level situation awareness
    • What supervisors, managers and team leaders can do to ensure high levels of situation awareness are maintained.
    • What factors diminish or enhance situation awareness
    • What is the culture that can promote a high level of situation awareness.


    Who Can be Trained?

    • The video is aimed at all employees, managers, supervisors, team leaders and workers engaged in safety and quality critical tasks.

    The package is suitable for training of all employees at an individual level. That is, where the focus is on one's own situation awareness. Further, it provides training for supervisors and managers where they also have a responsibility for the maintenance of Situation Awareness of individuals and teams.

    Training Package Inclusions

    • 25 minute DVD program featuring Situation Awareness expert plus case studies
    • Chaptered flexible modules plus additional discussion video clips
    • Flexible training plan plus expanded lesson plan options
    • CD including trainers guide, enhanced presentation including slides which incorporate video clips.

        "This is a well executed program with deep and meaningful concepts. Useful for supervisors and up to senior management. The real life examples are particularly appealing especially the SeaKing incident." - Bruce Duggan, Environment Health & Safety Manager Region Australia Pacific, Sandvik Mining and Construction.

        Licence Terms

        A. Corporate licence
        Purchase of a Corporate Licence permits an organisation to use this DVD package for in-house training of its employees only. The package may not be rented, loaned, sold or used in any circumstance where fees are charged.  

        B. Training provider licence
        Purchase of a Training Provider Licence permits use of the DVD package for training of persons where fees are charged. The licence term is on an annual basis.

        C. Education licence
        Purchase of the Education Licence permits Universities and Colleges of Education to use this DVD package for staff and students within its campus.


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        Country of production: Australia  
        Duration: 24 minutes  

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          Unclear and Present Danger: Situation Awareness at Every Level