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    Mindful Leadership and the Law

    This safety presentation by Professor Andrew Hopkins at a company safety day was recorded in late 2007.

    References are made to the Gretley mine incident in NSW, dealt with fully in his book Lessons from Gretley: Mindful Leadership and the Law.

    Part 1 Aspects of Mindful Leadership (16 mins)

    • Why Safety Management Systems may be less than effective
    • Safety Audits- in incidents at Moura, Longford, Piper Alpha
    • Communication of leaders- Boots on for Safety model
    • Time management in safety- the Ladbroke Rail inquiry


    Part 2 The Role of the Law in Mindful Leadership (19 mins)

    • The prosecutions in the Gretley incident
    • Responsibility or liability without fault- the Coca Cola example
    • Punitive response versus Restorative response
    • Community conferencing- ACCC prosecution / Life insurance case

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    Country of production: Australia  
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      Mindful Leadership and the Law