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    It Will Never Happen to Me

    A motivational message from the wife of a construction worker who died at work.

    This training DVD is about the workplace death of Kieron, Jennifer Deeney's construction worker husband. His death left her determined to inspire workers everywhere to think again about workplace safety. Just like Kieron, none of us feel that we will be the one to be badly injured at work.

    It was the one of the happiest days in Jennifer and Kieron Deeney's lives. A church full of their closest family and friends gathered to help them celebrate their marriage and enjoy a great party afterwards.

    Just fourteen weeks later the same people were gathered back in the same church for Kieron's funeral as the result of the devastating workplace accident that robbed them of their future together.

    This safety video is one of the most poignant and unforgettable safety stories told.

    Jennifer reminds us that:

    • All accidents are preventable
    • We should never walk past an Unsafe Act
    • We can all make a difference looking after each other
    • Nothing is worth being hurt for
    • We should think about the potential consequences for our family and friends

    The training DVD is 20 minutes in duration. A short version runs 8 minutes.

    Available in the following languages:

    *subtitled | #dubbed

    German* | Polish* | Punjabi* | Portuguese*


    "As a Safety Professional, please convey my sincere thanks to Jen for being courageous enough to share with us her own personal tragedy. It is important that we make people think about the consequences of their actions (and inaction) and to constantly challenge the "norms and status quo" that exist not only in the workplace, but at home as well. It is my intention to use the film as part of our Behavioural Safety refresher programme."
    Adrian Hughes, Environment, Health & Safety Manager, 3M

    "That's the first time I ever had anyone in tears at one of my training sessions, and the guy who started off a tad negative, was visibly changed after listening to Jennifer telling the story of Kierons life and death."
    Paul Mahoney, Group Health and Safety Advisor, Samworth Brothers Limited

    Other Languages:
    *subtitled | #dubbed
    #French | #German | #Polish | *Portuguese | #Pujabi | Russian | #Spanish | Chinese* | Dutch* | Finnish* | French* | Icelandic* | Romanian*

    For a list of training DVDs available in foreign languages click on the link- Foreign Language List

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 28 minutes  
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      It Will Never Happen to Me