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    Lessons From A Blind School - Ken Woodward

    Online Preview - Lessons From A Blind School - Ken Woodward

    "Lessons From A Blind School" follows on from the video Hindsight and is the next step in the Ken Woodward inspired journey towards safety excellence.

    This safety DVD is a powerful reminder of the very real consequences of workplace accidents while offering a practical guide to getting involved in workplace safety for managers and individuals.

    Now, in a short, sharp, compelling training video, we've tracked back to the source of Ken's own inspiration: the training he received during the year spent in rehabilitation. Ken learnt that just as poor safety had tragically cost him his eyesight the key to getting his life back and regaining his independence was what great safety is all about, learning how to behave, feel and stay safe.

    OHS Topics covered include:

    • Compliance - Never breaking safety rules, but looking to improve them.
    • Concentration - Ken has to concentrate to stay safe and so must we.
    • Cooperation - We all need help, working together we achieve more.
    • Communication - Listen to each other.
    • Instinct - We all have one, learn to listen to yours.
    • Honesty - In safety there are no degrees of honesty.

    Reflective, thought provoking and beautifully filmed, "Lessons" is Ken Woodward's emotionally charged call to action - to all of us.

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 16 minutes  
  • Online Preview
      Lessons From A Blind School - Ken Woodward