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    Climber's Attitude, The

    While seemingly a highly dangerous sport, rock climbers have relatively few accidents.

    Climber's Attitude - Part 1 Dynamic Risk Assessment

    Climber's Attitude - Part 2

    A long established safety record is based on sound systems and procedures, just as in the modern workplace. To do this climbers have developed the use of a system of Dynamic Risk Assessments to help them cope with the ever changing risks they face that make each climb and each set of hazards unique.

    Dynamic Risk Assessment is also being used in industry (such as the UK Fire Service) to enable workers to identify and assess potential hazards on an almost minute by minute basis rather than relying solely on formal risk assessments.

    The Climbers Attitude is a two part safety training DVD that offers an innovative, refreshing and visually inspiring approach to vital topics such as:

    • Teamwork
    • Dynamic Risk Assessment
    • Asking the What If? Question
    • Identifying hazards not Covered by Formal Risk Assessments

    Beautifully shot in Britain's Peak District this safety training video will capture the imagination of your trainees while encouraging them to take a fresh look around their workplace with a climber's "What If?" attitude.

    Part One - Dynamic Risk Assessment - 7 mins

    Part Two - Attitude & Behaviour - 8 mins

    Bonus Clips
    Ice Breaker - 4 mins
    Martin Woodall's Address - 2 mins


    Available formats:

    • DVD
    • Intranet Video Licence
    • Video ELearning

    Other Languages:
    * subtitled | # dubbed
    #Portuguese | # Spanish


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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 22 minutes in total  

    Climber's Attitude - Dynamic Risk Assessment Guide
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      Climber's Attitude, The