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    All for One: the Meerkat Way

    Beautifully filmed and packed with insight - on everything from teamwork and inter-dependence to the safety instinct, the importance of communication and continuous improvement.


    This comprehensive training dvd package is designed to change or reawaken the way we feel about workplace safety- and help inspire a cultural step change towards an interdependent safety culture.

    The City of Belmont has again received the Worksafe Platinum Achievement Award in 2016. They also receive the LGIS Gold Diligence in Safety Award 2016 (this was previously the Diamond Award but the category has been changed and no longer have the Diamond Award.) 
    Their safety program is based on the All for One the Meerkat Way safety training DVD package.

    City of Belmont’s success in improving their safety culture has been a journey that commenced in 2007 when training began with the unique DVD on the subject of safety culture - All for One: the Meerkat Way. Read an article on their journey of success.

    Read an article on the narrator who had roles in the Harry Potter series, Snow White and the Huntsman and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

    What is safety culture? 

    As a species, Meerkats should never have survived at all. They're tiny vulnerable creatures that live in an incredibly hostile environment full of savage predators. The fact they do thrive is down to a single extraordinary talent: their ability to cooperate.

    This is one of the freshest, most engaging safety videos seen in a long, long time. It's fun, beautifully filmed and packed with insight for your trainees on everything from teamwork and inter-dependence to the safety instinct, the importance of communication and continuous improvement.

    Filmed in the Kalahari Desert, it's one of the freshest and most engaging safety films around.

    • Teamwork
    • Interdependence
    • The safety instinct
    • The importance of communication
    • Prioritizing safety
    • Continuous improvement

    All for One is a complete safety training package, including three video parts on the training DVD and a CD that contains a PowerPoint presentation, a Support Booklet and a Meerkat Poster in PDF format.

    Three video parts:

    1. Main Programme – 15:27
    2. Furry Guide – 4:22
    3. Safety Culture – 2:26


    "What can I say, it is an absolute ripper! This would have to be by far the best training aid I have ever seen!"

    - Bruce Robinson, Safety Professional - MSIA, RSP

    "Absolutely fantastic. It blew me away. Unlike most safety films this can be used with all staff from all environments."

    - George Sandercock, Pfizer.

    "I think it is a brilliant idea. This confirms your ability to come up with something fresh to health and safety."

    - Mike Garstang, Director Of Health Safety & Environment, Centrica Plc.

    “Really excellent documentary.


    Sets a great scene and shows what it means to stick together in a changing environment. Importance of each person looking out for each other and ensuring we all return home. Great way to kick off a team workshop.


    Safety Culture Segment: (Individual speaking)


    Good overview & summary of safety culture & how crucial it is to work together for a common goal.


    Would recommend this to others.”


    Tanya Owens, Safety Systems Auditor, QR National - Network Services.

    How Lafarge-Halved Unsafe Acts - The Meerkat Way?is a free download in our Articles of Interest section.

    Buy One for All: Teamwork the Meerkat Way when you buy this safety training DVD and save $150 on the total price of both programs.

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    Available in spoken Japanese

    For a list of training DVDs available in foreign languages click on the link- Foreign Language List

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    Country of production: United Kingdom  
    Duration: 17 minutes  
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