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  • FutureMedia recognises the need for providing organisations with online learning resources and is committed to expanding the services in this area. Initial offerings have been the licensing of product for delivery via corporate intranets.

    What is E-Learning?

    The term e-learning covers a wide set of applications including computer-based learning, web-based training and digital collaboration. It is crucial to remember that e-learning is not expected to replace classroom training but instead enhance it, offering greater choice and the chance for an organisation to provide a complete learning solution for their staff.

    The rise in its popularity

    With the workplace needing to be ever more flexible, learning is becoming a continual process rather than a single event. Technological barriers are diminishing, eliminating hurdles such as lack of interactivity, disappointing courseware standards and low bandwidth. The explosion of the internet is providing the delivery vehicle for education. The trend towards globalisation means that we have the potential to access the same information wherever we are in the world.

    Extract from article: “A practical guide to e-learning and finding a suitable supplier”. Read the full article:

  • http://www.videoarts.com/thinktank/docs/practical_e-learning.pdf