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  • A major initiative committed to by FutureMedia is to raise the level of off-the-job safety awareness. As a number of client organisations have developed or are commencing to develop off-the-job safety programs, FutureMedia has been requested to provide products to support such projects. Family Safety Calendars are one instance of how companies show their total commitment to the health and safety of their employees and their families.

    One of the outcomes from being proactive is to change the mindset that safety begins and ends at the "factory gate". In reality, safety is a 24 hour, 7 days a week responsibility. Wearing safety goggles at work is enforced by regulations- those same eyes need to be protected when using the family whipper-snipper.

    First and foremost, off-the-job safety programs protect employees and their families from accidents and deaths. Good safety practices become part of value systems and lifestyles. Organisations also benefit since reducing off-the-job accidents also improves work attendance and work productivity.

    FutureMedia's resources for promoting off-the-job safety are continually expanding to meet the demand from its clients adopting such programs.

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