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The Swiss Cheese model of accident causation illustrates that, although many layers of defence lie between hazards and accidents, there are flaws in each layer that, if aligned, can result in an accident.

It is the principle behind layered safety defence used in computer security.

Evaluate the Swiss Cheese model of accident causation videos below.

The Falling Dominos of Macondo

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Hopkins analyses why the system wide "barriers" behaved like falling dominos, not just one or two failed, all failed.
Understanding the nature of these barriers permits a critical analysis of the system of defence in depth.

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Risk Maker Risk Taker: 
A manager's guide to risk

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 Risk Maker Risk Taker analyses of risk management failures using actual case studies to stimulate discussion.

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Managing Human Error 
featuring Professor James Reason

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Managing Human Error discusses the Swiss Cheese model of accident causation.

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Major Malfunction

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Key training points:
  • Management decision making – success at all costs vs. safety consideration
  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety and rescue systems
  • Communication techniques
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Hidden Figures is a feature film about calculating trajectories for NASA's safe launch of the first man, John Glenn, into orbit around the earth. It is currently screening in Australian cinemas. 

BBC Disaster Series
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Professor Andrew Hopkins’ Working Paper 72: Risk Management and Rule Compliance Decision Making in Hazardous Industries.

Risk-management offers very little guidance to end-point decision-makers; they need rules to guide their decisions. Accordingly, it is important, even within a risk-management framework that risk-management be translated into rule-compliance for end-point decision-makers, where possible. The paper demonstrates that this is what in fact happens for a wide range of operational decision-making.
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