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Workplace Bullying Stop the Trend

Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence.

Thank you for the big response to the release of the two Workplace Bullying DVDs  that we launched a week ago. We apologise for the delays in getting them shipped to you and we now have stock on the shelves to fill your orders.


In 2014, new laws were introduced to bring about the speedy resolution of instances of bullying and will have huge implications on the Australian workplace.


In line with the new laws introduced on the 1st January 2014, we have two new bullying titles.


Workplace Bullying for Officers


Workplace Bullying for Workers


IntranetLicenceIntranet Licence 

Take out an intranet licence to stream the videos from your own servers, and you have the opportunity to add your company policy in relation to bullying and harassment. The great advantage of this method of delivery is the immediacy in which training can take place across your organisation.


With an intranet licence you receive:

  1. The two Workplace Bullying programs on DVD for classroom training.
  2. The intranet files, embedded with your company logo, to be uploaded by your IT department to your company intranet


Contact us if you would like to discuss licencing this training program for delivery over your company intranet or to arrange for the purchase of the DVDs to use in classroom training.

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