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BBC Disaster Series

What do oil platform explosions, train crashes, tunnel fires and plane crashes have to do with training workers in your organisation?

The BBC Disaster Series provides training sessions to help organisations make that vital move from the 'belief' that things can't go wrong, to the 'knowledge' that they can.

The training applications are many and varied including root cause analysis and emergency response planning.



This BBC Disaster Series awakens the need for safety consciousness at every level of an organisation. It examines the world's dramatic catastrophies using brilliant BBC footage. Everyone who experiences these powerful training programs will be affected by the essential lessons they convey.  

Participants not only learn about what went wrong, but also how it could have been avoided. Ideal for two hour training sessions.


Training applications for the BBC Disaster Series


What makes up the BBC Disaster Series?


Why is the case study approach so successful?


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Trg_ApplicationTraining applications for the BBC Disaster Series

The workshops are designed to help workers, safety professionals and management understand the need for:

  1. consultative planning & communication in Workplace Health & Safety matters
  2. application, maintenance, review & update of Workplace Health & Safety management systems
  3. clear definition & delegation of Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities;
  4. unambiguous training of staff (at all levels) on how to fulfil their Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities
  5. contingency planning for Workplace Health & Safety failures (i.e. fire, first-aid, security, evacuation, clean-up, incident investigation)
  6. the right to speak-up - and be heard - re Workplace Health & Safety matters.



What_makes_upWhat makes up the BBC Disaster Series?
The 11-part series utilizes case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries, such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics and space, and hospitality.
Case_StudyWhy is the case study approach so successful?
In the words of psychologist Lauren Slater: "We most fully integrate that which is told as a tale."


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