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To coincide with the Piper 25 Conference in June 2013 FutureMedia is offering this special collection of Piper Alpha DVD training programs.


The BBC Disaster Series examines the world's most dramatic catastrophes using brilliant BBC footage, recreations and interviews with key decision makers. This acclaimed docudrama approach speaks to the viewers in a way nothing else can. 


With expert training support material developed by FutureMedia, this series awakens the need for safety consciousness at every level of an organisation. No one who experiences these powerful training programs will be unaffected by the essential lessons they convey.


BBC Disaster Series - 12 Titles 


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BBC - Spiral to Disaster: Piper Alpha Training Package  

BBC - Piper Alpha: The Human Price of Oil 

Piper Alpha DVD Training Applications 

Piper 25  - 25th Anniversary of Piper Alpha Conference 


Piper Alpha Fire Craft 3

P4PPaying for the Piper


This powerful and deeply moving film features Ed Punchard, a diver who survived the Piper Alpha disaster. Ten years after Piper Alpha Ed returns to Scotland and reunites with fellow survivors.


The video utilises extraordinary footage captured as the disaster unfolded and dramatic images recorded by a film crew on the first rescue helicopter. Ed revisits the rescue ship and recalls the experiences of fellow workers.


In a final moving scene he and a fellow survivor Andy Mochan sail out to the site of the Piper Alpha to lay a wreath. A compelling film for all those involved in the Oil & Gas industry.


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Price: $150.00
Duration: 44 minutes




Piper Alpha Explosion


Piper Alpha Training Package


The tragic event of Piper Alpha occurred when this massive oil platform in the North Sea succumbed to explosion and fire, resulting in the loss of 167 lives.


This workshop utilizes a case study of the tragic event of the explosion and fire at the Piper Alpha oil platform in the North Sea. It is a gripping drama/documentary that recreates the three hours of the tragedy. It provides the basis of discussion, analysis and training in a variety of OHS areas, including Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Emergency Procedures, Safety Design and more.


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Price: $595.00
Duration: 30 minutes
Training Applications




Piper Alpha Oil Rig Ablaze


The Human Price of Oil


This DVD focuses on the analysis obtained after the eyewitness accounts of the 35 survivors were fed to a Risk Analyst consultant to obtain likely causes. Theories included the lack of securing Risk Analysts advice in the commissioning of rigs. The differing designs of the Norwegian oil platforms show higher levels of safety.


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Price: $595.00
Duration: 40 minutes






These programs offer the following training applications:


Safety design issues on oil platforms

Permit-to-work procedures

Emergency procedures

Safety and rescue systems

Management decision making - production output vs. safety considerations

Contractor and subcontractor issues

Training and accreditation issues

Handling and storage of dangerous goods

Communication techniques


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Oil&Gas UK PiPER 25 Conference

Oil & Gas UK will hold a major offshore safety conference which will mark the 25th anniversary  of the Piper Alpha disaster.


Piper 25 will be a three-day event held at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre from 18 to 20 June 2013, chaired by Oil & Gas UK chief executive, Malcolm Webb. It is aimed at bringing together people from across the oil and gas industry to reflect on the lessons learnt from the tragedy, review how far offshore safety has evolved since and to reinforce industry commitment to continuous improvement.


With Piper Alpha as a central theme, the conference will also explore broader safety issues and will feature high profile international speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds including Professor Andrew Hopkins and Ed Punchard, one of just 62 survivors.


Registration and more information.




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