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NEW - 36 Australian

Induction Training DVDs





INDUCTION SERIES 2012 Australian Flag


36 titles | duration 3-8 minutes


Induction Series 2012These toolbox talks are accompanied by a set of questions to provide you with proof of training.


Having regular training programs that educate your workers about workplace issues has never been easier than now with the release of the 2012 Induction Series.  


It ensures that you are not only proactively protecting your workers but you're also more likely to avoid prosecution and/or expensive litigation.






Wide range of toolbox talks


Delivery formats to select from:

  • On DVD
  • Licence to stream the video content on your company intranet
  • Elearning modules on your company intranet.
  • Corporate licence. 

The online format is available for intranet or mobile device delivery (contractors and visitors can be inducted off site and literally 'hit the ground running' when they arrive on site!)








Benjamin Barclay
or Bennet Livingston
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