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New Release from the BBC-   

Deepwater Disaster

August 2012

Deepwater Disaster: the Untold Story

BBC production


Deepwater Disaster - BBC

 This safety video training package includes:

Training package price: $495 + GST

Deepwater Disaster reveals the untold story of the 87-day battle to kill the Macondo well a mile beneath the waves - a crisis that became America's worst environmental disaster. Of the crew of one hundred and twenty six on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, most were saved, eleven died.

Engineers and oil men at the heart of the operation talk, for the first time about the colossal engineering challenges they faced and how they had to improvise under extreme pressure.

One mile below the ocean surface millions of gallons of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico. Over 87 days a team of engineers and scientists worked to create five very different plans to contain BP's well. It was the biggest challenge they had ever faced.

It leaves the questions to be answered:
Why did BP have no plan when disaster struck?
Could BP have capped the well earlier?


Disastrous Decisions Book

Deepwater Horizon ExplosionProfessor Hopkins' new book, Disastrous Decisions: The Human and Organizational Causes of the Gulf of Mexico Blowout is a definitive analysis of the human and organizational factors that contributed to this disaster.  It answers a central issue: why did the Macondo blowout occur at such a late stage of the operation.  Hopkins first identifies a series of critical defences that failed and then goes on to explain why they failed. Professor Hopkins' book is essential and fascinating reading- a must for all concerned about safety. The conclusion identifies 18 different lessons from Macondo disaster. Firstly, where there is the potential for catastrophe, companies should focus on major hazard risk quite independently of personal safety risk.

Professor Hopkins discusses situational awareness in his book and the DVD program Unclear and Present Danger has been used widely in training on this subject. It features world recognised expert on Situation Awareness, Professor Rhona Flin of the University of Aberdeen (co-author of Safety at the Sharp End). The case studies illustrating lack of Situation Awareness include real examples from a range of industries including defence, healthcare, police, rail transport, manufacturing and chemicals and explosives.

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Leadership and Teamwork

The Olympic Games gave us some insight into what it takes to perform at the highest level. We applaud the management of this enormous event. It took a great deal of leadership and teamwork to successfully execute.

Meerkat Image


Develop a teamwork-minded, safety culture using the very popular All for One: the Meerkat Way training DVD. This comprehensive training DVD package is designed to change or reawaken the way we feel about workplace safety, and help inspire a cultural step change towards an interdependent safety culture. 
Available in many languages.  


 All for One is a complete training package, including three video parts on the DVD and a CD-Rom which contains a PowerPoint presentation, a Support Booklet and a Meerkat Poster.


Giants of Leadership 

Unlike traditional training programs on safety culture, Giants of Leadership takes the viewer away from the everyday context of the workplace and invites them to think about leadership in new ways. Spectacular footage of elephants in the wild helps drive home a set of clear, Giants of Leadershipcompelling messages about the essential components of leadership: 

  • Respect
  • Leading By Example
  • Constant Communication
  • Caring
  • Consistency
  • Learning From Mistakes

Available in many languages.



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