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April 2012


Professor Hopkins conducted a workshop for Spectra Energy in Canada this month. He has also presented workshops at Gasco in the Middle East and Petrobas in Brazil this year.
Professor Andrew Hopkins presenting to Rio Tinto Karatha

Here is feedback about Professor Hopkins' presentation for Spectra Energy:

"Most importantly, our leadership understands the imperative for making progress here and I believe increasingly understands their role in this.  I thought some of the examples you used, and the tools you described, helped make this topic accessible to our group and gave them some very practical suggestions on things they can do to be more 'mindful leaders'.  These concepts are wonderfully transferable to all other business problems we face as well."
Doug Bloom - Spectra Energy Transmission West President, Canada



Professor Andrew Hopkins' books are widely used and are a valuable resource to enhance your safety training programs.
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Acting on Warning Signs 

Acting on Warning Signs 

"Prior to any major accident there are always warning signs which had they been responded to would have averted the accident, but they weren't. They were ignored. Very often there is a whole culture of denial operating to suppress these warning signs." - Professor Andrew Hopkins


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Mindful Leadership Communication Skills

Professor Andrew Hopkins 

It is of vital importance to the safety culture of any organisation that management learn first-hand what workers concerns for safety are. Professor Hopkins delves into the 5Ws ('Who', 'What', 'Where', 'When' & 'Why') and 1H ('How') of effective communication in the DVD workshop   Mindful Leadership Communication Skills. 


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Mindful Leadership with References to BP Texas City

Magnablend Chemical Plant FireFeaturing Professor Andrew Hopkins, Mindful Leadership with References to BP Texas City identifies the key aspects of "Mindful Leadership" and illustrates how lapses in leadership contributed to the BP Texas City disaster.   

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Risk Maker Risk Taker

Risk Make Risk TAkerRisk Maker Risk Taker video content is based on the structure of the international standard ISO 31000. It explains to managers the steps to manage the risks in their environment, and how cracks may occur in the risk assessment and risk management process which could threaten an organisation's ability to achieve its objectives, and in some cases its survival.


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Unclear & Present Danger

Unclear and Present Danger85% of Human Error accidents may be attributed to the lack of Situation Awareness and Unclear and Present Danger explores this.World recognised Situation Awareness expert, Professor Rhona Flin is featured in this DVD training package. Case studies illustrating a lack of Situation Awareness include real examples from a range of industries.


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Preventing Disaster Learning from Longford

Longford Esso Gas Explosion 1998Preventing Disaster Learning from Longford examines the eleven key contributory elements in the safety chain that are flagged in a generic way so that participants can apply the same approach to their own organisations.


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Spiral to Disaster: Piper Alpha 


Piper Alpha Oil Rig AblazeSprial to Disaster: Piper Alpha recreates the three hours of the tragedy that took place on the Piper Alpha oil platform. It provides the basis of discussion, analysis and training in a variety of OHS areas, including Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Emergency Procedures, Safety Design and more. 


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