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The Premium Safety Library from FutureMedia



The Premium Library of safety training DVDs offers exceptional value with the 74 videos that cover a diverse range of topics including the BBC and Australian producers. Trainer's Guides accompany most of the titles.

The Premium Safety Library compises five libraries to select from. There are several price options listed at the end of this email.


Bennnet Livingston

FutureMedia Pty Ltd



The Premium Library

Australian WHS Library

BBC Disaster Series Library

Safety Motivation Speakers Library

Process Safety and Risk Management Library

Meerkats and Others


Australian WHS Library

The Australian WHS Library comprises 44 training programs 


These safety videos are produced in Australia and available for delivery via DVD or may be licenced for delivery over your company intranet. 

contractor safety - edited
For a limited period this safety DVD library is discounted to $3,995. A saving of $4,876.

Titles include:

Accident Investigation
Bullying & Harassment For Employees
Bullying & Harassment For Managers
Confined Space Safety - If In Doubt, Stay Out
Contractor Safety
Driver Safety
Ergonomics In The Office
Fire Safety 2010
Hazard Management
Manual Handling
Office Safety
OH&S Session Starters
(8 titles)
Operating A Forklift
Reaper's Guide To OH&S
Think Safety  

Toolbox Induction Series (21 titles)  


Listed Price: $8,871

(GST and shipping are additional)



BBC Disaster Series Library

The best selling safety title of all time is the BBC title that covers the oil rig Piper Alpha disaster in the DVD Spiral To Disaster.  


Piper Alpha Oil Platform

Piper Alpha oil rig ablaze

Listed Price: $7,170
(GST and shipping are additional)




Safety Motivation Speakers Library

This unique collection of training DVDs tell trainees WHY safety is important.   


Charlie in the BHP BucketThe individuals presenting these unique stories give trainees insight into what it is like to go through a horrific accident by giving details of their experiences, that in some cases were fatal.
Discounted Library Price: $3011.25.
A saving of $1,003.75

Titles included:
Best Of Charlie
For What?
Remember Charlie
Hindsight: The Ken Woodward Story
It Will Never Happen To Me
Lessons From A Blind School
Mary's Message
Why Me? - Why Not Me! - Kahi Puru Story


List Price: $4,015

(GST & shipping is additional)




Process Safety and Risk Management Library

World renowned experts present training in these DVD workshops. 


Unclear-RhonaFlinProfessor Andrew Hopkins and Professor Rhona Flin are recognised as experts in their fields who bring advice of considerable value.
Discounted Library Price: $3,687
A saving of $3,688

Titles include:
Acting On Warning Signs
Creating A Mindful Organisation - 2010
Mindful Leadership - Communication Skills
Mindful Leadership - With Reference BP Texas City
Preventing Disaster: Learning From Longford - 2010
Risk Maker Risk Taker
Unclear & Present Danger


Listed Price: $7,375

(GST & shipping is additional)




Meerkats and Others

Meerkats bring a refreshing approach to WHS training. 


Meerkats at attentionThis trio of DVDs offer a unique approach to safety training sessions by using Meerkats, Elephants and Climbers in analogies that give a different approach to training covering safety culture, leadership and risk from different perspectives.

Discounted price for all three titles $1,297.
A saving of $433

Titles include:
All For One - The Meerkat Way
Climber's Attitude
Giants Of Leadership


Listed Price: $1,730

(GST & shipping is additional)



Pricing Schedule

Select from any titles listed above to receive the following discounts:

 Qty ..................... Discount

 5-10 .......................15%

11-20 ......................20%

21-35 ......................30%

36-50 ......................40%


For a price on the entire Premium Library please contact me.

If you are unable to preview titles that interest you online, or if you would like to evaluate the full length video, please contact me to arrange for a preview DVD to be sent.

Bennet Livingston

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  • To be eligible for the offer, orders must be placed before 5pm AEDST, Wednesday 4 April 2012
  • The offer applies only to DVD titles listed in this promotion
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Expiry Date:  5pm AEDST, Wednesday 4 April 2012


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